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The Village of Sebring Service Department maintains all Village streets and roadways, and alleys, right of ways and Village parking lots. Some tasks performed include pothole repair, paving, grading, repair and maintenance of signs and traffic lights, snow removal, and construction of new roads.

The Service Departments is responsible for the water distribution system. This includes repair and maintenance of all water mains, fire hydrants, water storage tanks, and booster stations, aid in the maintenance of the water treatment plant, and the construction of water mains. The service department also maintains and services all water meters and does the quarterly readings. The Village Backflow Prevention Program that protects and assures the quality of the water to all consumers is run through the Service Department.
The Service Department is also responible for the maintenance and care of the Village Park System. This includes repair and maintenance of park buildings and equipment, mowing, construction of parking lots and pool filtration system.