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Chiefs Notes


The Chief said, “I would like to remind citizens of the upcoming tornado season. The Village has a severe weather plan in place, and in the event of severe weather the early warning siren will sound. If you hear the severe weather siren, immediately seek shelter.” “The protocol on the early warning is closely monitored by our fire chief, Jim Cannell, our dispatch supervisor, Pat Gardner and myself through the police radio, FM radio, television and Internet. The LEADS (Law Enforcement Automated Date System) alerts and prints out weather bulletins from the National Weather Service as well as data from surrounding departments.” “Please remember, a tornado watch means conditions are right for a tornado. A tornado warning means a tornado has been sighted per the National Weather Service”. “There are three sirens located in the village at Fire Station No. 1, the water tower on Texas Ave. and one at the Village Service Dept. on North 18th St. They are tested every Saturday at 5 p.m. Out Weather Alert Sound will be a loud “whop” tone that lasts for three minutes, but is different from the fire siren The purpose is to alert the public and inform of impending severe weather or a tornado. The system is designed to let people who are out-of-doors know of impending severe weather”. Questions or concerns may be directed to

Chief Heverly at 330-938-2496