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Tornado Safety Rules


“Immediate Action May Save Your Life” TORNADO WATCH Weather conditions are such that Tornados could develop without warning TORNADO WARNING A tornado has been sighted. There is no universal protection against tornados except underground evacuations. When time permits, go to a basement or other below ground evacuation immediately. HOMES- Basements offer the greatest safety. Seek shelter under sturdy furniture if possible. In homes without basements, take cover in the center part of the house, on the lowest floor, in a small room such as a closet or bathroom, or under sturdy furniture. Stay away from windows. SHOPPING CENTERS - Go to a designated shelter area. Not to your parked car. OFFICE BUILDINGS - Go to an interior hallway on the lowest floor or to a designated Shelter Area. FACTORIES-Workers should move quickly upon the sounding of the Tornado Alarm to the section of the plant offering the greatest protection in accordance with plans. VEHICULAR TRAVEL - Keep radio tuned to local station for weather updates; avoid driving into approaching storm area. High winds associated with Tornados could overturn your vehicle. Heavy rain and flooding could inundate vehicle trapping occupants. Fallen debris could make travel extremely dangerous. Make every effort to find shelter.


Tornado or Severe Weather, Train Derailments, Serious Fires

Sebring Village has installed three tornado sirens. These are to early warn people to take cover and prepare for a tornado. Knowing severe weather safety rules could save your life. Severe weather often develops quickly so it is important that you know weather safety rules before a storm hits. Usually only minutes or secords are available to react when a severe thunderstorm threatens and lost seconds can mean a difference between life and death! Our Weather Alert Sound will be a “whoop” tone we will blow for three minutes. The purpose is to alert the public and inform of impending severe weather or a tornado. The system is designed to let people who are out of doors know of severe weather. The alert will sound different from the fire siren and will get louder and softer as it turns 180° to warn people in all directions. Should the alert be issued, seek shelter immediately. If a safe structure is not available, lie down in a low area such as a ditch or ravine.


WE WILL TEST THE SYSTEM EVERY SATURDAY AT 5:00 P.M. SEBRING AREA gets its information from the National Weather Service, Stark County and the City of Alliance. Our dispatch center listens to all radio traffic in the area. We also send police and fire personnel to look-out spots in the Village to watch for tornados and severe weather.


Jim Cannell, Fire Chief
Ray Heverly, Police Chief